Thursday, October 11, 2012

World of Warcraft Hacked - Thousands Killed

This week thousands of basement dwellers rediscovered what sunlight was after a hacker broke into an online gaming universe and killed a whole bunch of characters.

WoW player
I am a level 85 night elf hunter and a level 100 virgin
It took World of Warcraft (WoW) experts over 4 hours to put things back to normal and patch the gaping hole which allowed the hacker to sneak in and pwn everyone within a 50 basement radius.

A hacker called Geekblaster69 (not his real name) has claimed responsibility for the attack claiming that it was harmless stunt, since players can respawn their characters with minimal inconvenience, and that he could have destroyed the WoW economy by depositing 20 million gold into everyone's account.

screenshot of the WoW massacre
WoW, look at all those skeletons
Nobody from WoW is discussing the attack outside of the official press release and the notes supporting Patch 5.0.5. In addition to that, Geekblaster69 is laying low to avoid prosecution, so nobody truly knows how things went down.

We spoke to a couple of WoW players and the consensus is that it was "a most heinous crime" and will be remembered as "worst. hack. ever."

Now some input from our guest MMO game correspondent, Honey badger...

Honey Badger not giving a shit about WoW
Thanks Ho-Ba for your insightful input
Hey reader, are you still there? What are your thoughts?


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