Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What got slapped 12 months ago - 10/02/11

Here is another chance for you to catch up on what we were doing twelve months ago. As usual you can either explore for your self by clicking here, or you can keep reading and I will ease you through, step by step. Which ever way you choose, you had better brace yourself for a bumpy ride. If you are not alone, then warn those around you that you may be experiencing uncontrollable snickering.

Reslap Montage 10/02/11
A montage of images from STP 12 months ago
1 year ago, Brad was still reviewing new music releases and this week in history it was Scotty McCreery, Zucchero and Jersey Boys (among others) getting the rough edge of his tongue.

Following on from the music was the unexpected news that Russel Brand had once again been refused entry to a civilized country. First Japan and now Canada, poor Russel is running out of places to take his comedy tour.

Can you believe that last year the Vikings were a terrible football team? At this point during last season they were already 0-4 and were seeking help from wherever they could find it.

We also reviewed the Everblade, a device which keeps your razor sharper longer.

Our top ten list from this time last year revolved around red heads. Actually it was a top 8 list, but nobody noticed.

Also, this time last year we lost one of technology's brightest stars. Steve Jobs passed away 12 months ago and we gave him this token tribute.

Our final post from this week last year was about a stolen bridge. Somehow thieves absconded with a 50 foot corrugated steel bridge, and nobody noticed.

Wow, look at all those posts. Looks like we were super busy last year. I hope you enjoyed this retrospective with us. Our site was so much funnier back then so take some time, look around and see what it used to be like on Slap the Penguin.


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