Monday, October 22, 2012

Justin Bieber endorses Barack Obama

Hot off the stage after Saturday's performance at the Minneapolis Target Center, we had a chance to share a brief chat with our good friend Justin Bieber. We talked about his career, his life and who he likes for President.
Barack Obama and Justin Bieber shaking hands
You can depend on my vote Mr Obama
It turns out that Justin Bieber is a very public Barack Obama supporter, but he won't be voting for him in the upcoming Presidential election because he is Canadian. Add to that the fact that the only people who take his opinions seriously are not old enough to vote, so it really doesn't matter who he supports, but it was fun finding out.

Biebs also touched on his recent issues with puberty and his change from a boy to a man. He decided to sing and dance this portion of the interview.

Bieber performing in Minneapolis
I'm getting hair in strange places...
Bieber performing in Minneapolis
...and my voice is breaking
Bieber performing in Minneapolis
I think my balls just dropped...
Bieber performing in Minneapolis
...and I get urges to play with myself
Thanks for sharing Biebs.

1 comment :

Harry Styles from One Direction said...

Looks like Bieber has a future as a political analyst. Good news since he has fuck all future as a singer.
Nice crotch grab though, and I know about grabbing crotches.

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