Monday, October 1, 2012

Just Curious - October

October, the month of Halloween, is upon us and we want to know what you will be wearing for the big night. You will find the poll at the top of the sidebar to the right, unless you are a mobile user in which case you don't have the luxury of a sidebar.
Ghost Costume
Hours of effort...
We have chosen 5 options, but there is the option to add your own idea if it is not there already. You could go as a ghost (pictured above) or a penguin (our favorite). You could go as internet star, Psy doing his Gangnam Style (click here for how to make the costume). You could go as something slutty (link) or as a princess (you just need to periodically take of your bikini for the cameras).

Whatever you choose to go as, please vote and share your great Halloween costume ideas with the world.

There you have it... only 7 people did Halloween this year, two Psy copycats, two ghosts, a princess and the 2 other votes were for Vampira and Zombie RedFoo. Thanks for voting.


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