Monday, August 2, 2010

Pole Dancing at the 2012 Olympics

The IOC is a forward thinking, modern committee of old men who have recently released a list of sports to be introduced at the Summer Olympic Games in London, 2012.

Top of the list with 100% voting support is the the newly recognized 'sport' of pole dancing, followed by chess with 87% support and competitive dishwashing with 72% of the committee saying yes.
Pole Dancing, Chess and Dish Washing are all being considered for the 2012 London Olympics
New Olympic Sports?
Juan Antonio Samaranch, president of the IOC, commented "Since January 1st 1997, the UK have had laws in place banning firearms [with the exception of military and uniformed services] completely from the country, making a number of existing Olympic sports uncontestable, so we needed replacement events - something more refined, to reflect the nature of the British population."

He continued, "As for the pole dancing, we just wanted to see some ladies shake their stuff for medals. We are also going to make age testing mandatory to prevent underage Chinese girls competing like they did last time in the gymnastics."

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