Monday, August 2, 2010

America's Got Talent apologises for misleading viewers

For 5 Seasons, America's Got Talent has been on NBC primetime, parading 3rd string cabaret performers with the promise of making them the next big thing.

The 'Got Talent' franchise was devised by peanut smuggling American Idol judge Simon Cowell to ritually humiliate people in front of their families and 10 million TV viewers. Although he does not appear on the American version of the show he still has creative input and issued the following apology, "I am truly sorry that America did not realise the sarcasm in the show's title and that people were expecting to see genuinely talented people."

"Sometimes," Cowell continued, "someone slips under the no-talent radar" referring to Susan 'Gargoyle' Boyle from the original British version of the show, "but we try to keep the talent levels below mediocre."

It is strange that it took America 5 years to realise that the show was just a big joke even with obvious clues like David Hasselhoff and Sharon Osbourne as judges. Highlights from season 5 so far include Chipps Cooney, the 90 year old stripping pseudo-comedian and some French guy who plays harmonica.

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Deray said...

I must say that the previous 4 season were at least funny and entertaining. This one? NOT! I do like the guy that won though :-P

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