Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Nintendo Game - The Mushroom Shore

Those crazy people at Nintendo are cashing in again with a new Mario Bros. Game. The Mushroom Shore is set in the Mushroom Kingdom which, with the help of video game magic, looks suspiciously like Jersey.

Luigi - The Location

The main characters or Guido's are Mario, Luigi a.k.a. The Location, Princess “Double P” Peach and “yoshi'. These Italian American's who look suspiciously like Snooki and Mike 'The Situation' spend the entire game wandering around aimlessly trying to get laid and generally annoying other people.

During the game, you must make sure your character keeps their Gym, Tan and Laundry meters full otherwise GAME OVER. Bonus points are acquired by passing out face first on the beach or getting punched in the face by random strangers. Tabloid headlines also increase your score.

The controls are simple and intuitive on the Wii version. Just hold the wiimote in your right hand at shoulder height and fist-pump in time to the music.

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