Monday, August 16, 2010

Apostrophe's go on punctuation rampage's

The apostrophe is seeking its revenge for being dropped from streetsign's in selected UK city's. Wakefield in West Yorkshire is the second city to drop the pesky little punctuation mark from street sign's. They follow in the footstep's of Birmingham city councils decision to remove the insignificant little squiggle.
A rampaging apostrophe
Arthur Bigglestaff, chairman of Birmingham City council said, "Its purely for financial reason's, we can save 25 pounds ($40) annually by dispensing with the apostrophe in our street name's. We arent prejudiced against any punctuation mark's, and we respect the position they hold in the grammatical society."

An apostrophe responded, "This is blatent prejudice. They are still using all other punctuation except for the apostrophe. And it is because we work part time in foreign languages as a diacritic. We have suffered years of abuse with people not understanding proper apostrophe usage. I am sick of making plurals possessive, it is so frustrating. And now we are slowly being phased out of the English language."

It seem's that until these issue's are fully resolved, we can expect to see apostrophe's rebelling against the language and making thing's difficult.

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