Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miss Universe Blunder - The Truth

Yesterday was a big day for Jimena Navarrete as she was crowned Miss Universe 2010 in Las Vegas. Personally I hate pageants, whether they are a bunch of 3 year old Miss Lil' Texas's wearing (too much) makeup being paraded up and down by over zealous mothers or the 'intergalactic' Miss Universe, and everything in between.

Ladybug can sound like ladyboy if you are not paying attention
Did she just say Asian Ladybug!

Seriously, Miss Universe? I didn't see Miss Alpha Centauri, Miss Betelgeuse or Miss M-4339/A on the runway. Calling it Miss Universe is the beauty pageant equivalent of the World Series: a baseball contest between teams from 1 country (or 2 if a Canadian team makes it).

So what was the big issue with this year's pageant?
During the lame question round Miss Philippines, Maria Venus Raj was asked about her biggest mistake in life, to which she replied "I am a ladyboy and I do things to tourists and rich businessmen for money".

To cover up the obvious shame and embarrassment to the Miss Universe Pageant Commission, her response was quickly overdubbed to make it sound like "In my 22 years of existence, I can say there is nothing major."

They should have left it in and hoped that the resulting media attention would generate viewers for the next pageant.

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