Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Avatargate - Day 3

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After a quiet day yesterday a surprise twist reawakened people's interest in this story. The movie director, James Cameron entered into the fray claiming that Avatar was his creation and everyone who even has an avatar is infringing copyright. Then after realising the scale of opposition, he adjusted his lawsuit to prosecute only people using images of the alien smurfs from the movie Avatar as their avatar.
A Smurfatar
An Avatar Smurf avatar

In another huge twist in this snowballing story, the Hindu god Vishnu is counter suing Cameron for the use of the word Avatar, claiming that he was the original Avatar as defined by Hinduism and that Cameron used it without permission. Since Hinduism is thousands of years old and has 1 billion followers, we believe that Cameron is going to drop the lawsuit entirely.

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