Saturday, August 14, 2010

Avatargate - Day 1

An innocent mistake created an online meltdown today on a popular Blog Cataloging website when a new member to the site, with a desire to drive traffic to his blog, used a fake avatar to spice up his profile causing a backlash from literally hundreds of outraged bloggers.

"We work hard on our blogs and use genuine images as our avatars," one blogger commented. "it is unfair that male readers are being dragged away from my crochet blog by a picture of some chick in a pink bra."

A random pink bra
Pink bra...better than a crochet blog?

Ian C agreed to comment about his newbie error providing we maintained his anonymity. "I always thought blogging was dull, and then I saw 'Julie & Julia' and thought 'What a boring movie!' Anyway the one girl in the movie was blogging and made some money so I decided to try it and used a raunchy picture to gain attention, hoping that the intellectual and humorous writing would be enough for the people to forgive/forget the deception."

A representitive for the Blog Cataloging site issued the following statement. "Ha Ha, you thought you could fool us, but we are experienced in the art of spotting fakes. Everyone in Blogsville knows that underwear models are too busy flaunting and strutting to write a blog. Also, your blog is way too clever and funny to be written by the hot chick in the pic."

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