Sunday, August 29, 2010

MADD outraged by Harry Potter beers

Mothers Against Drunk Driving are the self appointed guardians who protect us all from the dangers of driving drunk. They are also sworn to keep alcohol away from minors, which is what their latest crusade is all about.

Limpecker Brewery in Boston, MA has announced plans for a line of Harry Potter beers which has the MADD ladies chomping at the bit for a fight. They claim that with names like Harry Potter Porter,  Hermione Granger Ale, and Hagrid Imperial Stout the brewery are marketing their products to minors.
This ain't no butter-beer from Hogsmeade?
“That's ridiculous” claims John Limpecker, chief brewer of the Potter beers. “We have never marketed our products to children and to suggest otherwise is just crazy. Our beers are a rustic English style with an 'olde world' feel, and are truly magical. The Harry Potter theme is a perfect match for the beers we produce. Plus it is a huge cash-in for us, the Harry Potter franchise is huge and we want a part of it.”

Lynette Sullivan, MADD spokesperson told us, “Not only is this a shameless cash in on the part of the brewery, but also an irresponsible and poorly planned move to use a brand that is synonymous with children. This is blatant direct marketing to minors. Any distribution company or retail outlet that touches this brand is going to be considered guilty of encouraging minor consumption.”

So far, neither side is shifting it's position towards a compromise, but the pitbulls at MADD are notorious for not backing down on issues they oppose and Limpecker is going to face a stern challenge to get it's product on store shelves.

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