Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Tina - Manscaping

Dear Tina,
I have been with my girlfriend for 18 months and we have been sleeping together for 6 months. Last week she told me that it would be great if I we both went to the spa for some beauty treatment and while I am there I can get a manscape.
I am not a gorilla, but I do have dark body hair and some areas are kind of dense. What exactly is involved with a manscape? Does it hurt? Do many guys do it?

Sincerely, Hairy Chested Real Man

Thank you for the email, HCRM.
Let me start by explaining the basics of 'manscaping'. The term is used to describe strategic shaving of the male body to present a smoother cleaner image. It allows the natural definition of the body to be appreciated, as well as making a smoother surface for us to rub our hands all over.

You can take the manscaping as far as you like, with most men being satisfied with the chest and back wax, but there are some guys out there who go all the way and get a Brazilian or BSC (back, sack & crack). But be warned, waxing the male genital area is not recommended. I suggest using a specially designed body groomer, and keep things stretched out and unwrinkled.

Does it hurt? I would take a look at Steve Carell's chest waxing experience in The 40 Year Old Virgin to answer that question. But it does depend a lot on the individual's hair density and pain thresholds.

Manscaping: So easy a caveman can do it
Manscaping: So easy a caveman can do it
Do many guys do it? In my experience it's about 50:50 but that is an incredibly small sample of the population ;). The number of salons advertising mankini treatments is increasing so I would assume more guys are grooming their gonads.

If you need advice on absolutely anything then email me - Tina.cruris(at)slapthepenguin.com

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Unknown said...

I think any man who expects his woman to be clean-shaven, trimmed and impeccably groomed had damn well be ready to offer the same in return. Yes, waxing hurts. But so does stubble friction.

And also? 1 million out of 1 million women polled would rather go down on you if you're neatly trimmed or even waxed. Nobody wants to snack on pubes.

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