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What got slapped 12 months ago - July 2013

By +Tina Cruris

July is already well underway, having already celebrated July 4th by overeating, overdrinking and arguing with family members over who let the brats get burned on the grill. It's time for a change of pace so we can review the STP highlights from 12 months ago.

I know some of you are familiar with how this works, but there are many others who are new to what we do, so for the reslap virgins, here is a crash course. I list some of out most popular and exciting posts from July 2013 and if any (or all) of them excite you then click the relevant links to read the full story. You can also navigate using the archive feature on the right side of your screen (unless you use the mobile version of our site - sorry). Have fun.

July 2013 Reslap
July 2013 reslap montage
July 2 2013 - 8 Bit News - Spanish teacher fired over previous job
A Spanish teacher known as Senior Johnson was fired after it was discovered that he had acted in porn movies to help pay his way through college.

July 5 2013 - Queen's list of no-no names for royal baby
With the royal birth just around the corner, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was adding her voice to the speculation about the baby's name sending a veto list to William and Kate.

July 6 2013 - Dead body causes reality TV cancellation
A reality TV show was cancelled before it even aired thanks to the discovery of a dead body on the set. 3 shows were recorded but none of them actually made it to the screen because of the horrific find during episode 4.

July 9 2013 - North West baby name revelation
A closer look at the birth certificate of Kim and Kanye's new baby shows that they did make a concession to Krazy Kris Jenner with respect to North's name.

July 11 2013 - Happy Slurpee Day
Every year, convenience store 7-11 celebrate 7-11 by offering a free 7.11 ounce Slurpee to everyone. Happy Slurpee Day.

July 12 2013 - George Clooney Gay Rumors
Big butch George split with sexy Stacy Keibler and rumors of his sexuality started up again. Find out why George and Stacy are no longer together.

July 13 2013 - Royal baby birth parade route
More Royal baby news as the official birth parade route is announced. Click to find out which way the royal baby went during delivery.

July 14 2013 - Hybrid Animal Species
A hybrid animal species is also known as a crossbreed. Find out how this phenomenon started and discover some weird and wonderful examples of hybrids.

July 19 2013 - Carmen Sandiego captured
International Super-villain Carmen Sandiego has evaded capture for decades, but finally she has been caught and we were instrumental in the event. Find out how.

July 21 2013 - Zooey Deschanel - What is she thinking?
How exactly does Zooey Deschanel pronounce her name? Why exactly is she a household name? Was the insult 'douche-canoe' named after her? We have some of the answers here.

July 23 2013 - Huggies Royal Birth giveaway
Everybody was trying to cash in on the Royal Baby, including major diaper brand, Huggies.

July 25 2013 - Fox launch Celebrity Ninja for fall lineup
Ninjas were a hot commodity and Fox were trying to cash in on that fact. They announced the launch of Celebrity Ninja to their fall lineup. Want to know more?

July 26 2013 - Twinkies and other dirty cake names
Hostess were on the verge of disappearing of the face of the planet due to bankruptcy. We look back at the history of their snack cakes and why their names have been perceived as dirty.

July 29 2013 - Mr Rogers may have been a Nazi
Mr Rogers was a familiar face in the neighborhood for many years on American TV, but his beginnings have had a shadow cast over them with the news that he may have been a Nazi in his youth.

These are just the highlights of July 2013, and you can find the crappy stories and the other junk in the archives. Happy trawling.

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