Saturday, July 12, 2014

Marijuana Tequila legalized

By +Alexa Rankin

Just days after Washington State stores were legally permitted to sell cannabis, approval was given for the sale of the new 1800 tequila infused with marijuana, called 'Weedquila'; but only if you live in one of the 23 states where marijuana use is legal either medicinally or outright.

1800 Weedquila Availability Map
Where can you get this 'herbal' tequila?

Many politicians and religious groups, and of course MADD, have fought hard to stop this product making it to liquor store shelves, but overwhelming pressure from lobbyists helped sway the vote to allow 1800 Weedquila to be sold legally in those states where cannabis consumption is legal in some form.

1800 Weedquila is 100 proof and contains just 40mg of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) per serving which is the equivalent of smoking half a joint of 'some good shit'. The taste is that of a typical silver tequila with no noticeable trace of a marijuana flavor, however there is a slight whiff of weed on the nose.

1800 Weedquila - Tequila and Weed
Get yours now, and buy some funyuns and a snickers too
The FDA have not fully studied the effect of combining alcohol and cannabis in this form, but many college students have approximated the research every single weekend for 4 years while supposedly studying, and they turned out OK (well most of them did).

1800 Weedquila is expected to start appearing on liquor store shelves in Colorado and Washington by the end of the month, and the roll-out to the other 'medical marijuana' states will begin in October, starting on the West coast. It should be available in all 23 states before December.

For more information on when it will arrive in your state call toll free 1-800-TEQUILA

Time for you to share. Would you buy Weedquila if it was legal in your state/country? Do you think it is safe to mix drink and drugs? Should it be made available to everybody, no matter which in which state they live or the existence of a medical condition?

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