Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Caption Contest

Wake me up when September ends, so I can announce the winner of this caption contest. The August winner and $5 prize recipient is announced below. The seasoned veterans of the STP caption contest know how it works, for everyone else we have a brief introduction to captioning.

Look at the image below and think up a comical caption which makes the otherwise boring image amusing. As an extra incentive to play, if you come up with the funniest caption then so long as you have a valid email address then you can win a $5 e-gift card.
The Slap the Penguin caption contest for September
Your winning caption could be here...
Ok, got a caption in mind? Great... now go to the comments section and share it with the world.
Ahh yes, the August contest.

Slap the Penguin August Caption Contest
This is a strange place to floss! - IYAAYAS Moderator
Congratulations to IYAAYAS Moderator who came up with the best caption for the picture above, and won a $5 amazon gift card. If you want to see all the other entries then click here.


Anonymous said...

Now we know where Prince Harry gets it from...

J. Dominic Fisher said...

Do you mind if I inspect the troops?

Charles Townsend said...

"My name is Charlie and these are my angels"

Helena Fortissima said...

Medal-icious melons, marveling monarch

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