Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Caption Contest


Once again, the first of the month means that we can launch a new caption contest. The idea is simple, study the image below and create a caption to enhance the comedy element contained within. The winner will be announced this time next month.

As a special bonus, for the August Caption Contest, we are awarding a $5 digital gift card to the winner. A valid email address is required to win the prize otherwise how can we send it to you. Anonymous entries will be shared for their comedic value but are ineligible for any prize. Slap the Penguin staff are also allowed to enter, but are excluded from winning anything (sorry guys). If this 'experiment' is succesful then we may consider offering prizes more often.

The winner of the July contest didn't win a prize and is announced at the bottom of this post.

a young boy innocently places his hand on a ladies buttocks. The lady is wearing a thong bikini
If this was your caption you would have won by now

When you have decided on your winning caption, enter it using the commments section below, and be sure to check back periodically to see who is entering funnier ones.

As promised, July's winner is below:

It's all good until she shows you her joystick - Agit8r
Yaaay for Agit8r. Check out the less funny entries here.


Helena Fortissima said...

"Uh oh...this funny-lookin' coin slot just swallowed my sand dollar!"

Tina Cruris- Slap the Penguin said...

Hey kid that's not a penguin you're slapping!

Agit8r said...

Whoah! The sun isn't supposed to shine there!

Tinkerbell said...

Now where did I park my bike.....?

Anonymous said...

You're gonna need PF-15 for that Mommy!

Anonymous said...

This is a strange place to floss!

Anonymous said...

Daddy says put the dollar here? Butt its a coin slot!

Curious Charles said...

Hey mom, where did your swimsuit go?

Unknown said...

Mom, everyone can see your bum... cover up

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