Sunday, September 23, 2012

What got slapped 12 months ago - 9/25/11

It's been 3 months since we have done a re-slap post, thanks to the summer hiatus in 2011, but we are back on track. This is our opportunity to show casual or new readers what we were writing about this time last year. 

We offer two choices, 1) The guided tour, where you don't need to do anything except read - and 2) The self-guided journey, where we link you to the archive and let you run wild by yourself [link].

reslap montage 9/25/11
A montage of images from STP 12 months ago
Our first post from that week was posted on Monday 26th September, was a pretty momentous one. The tale of The Second Coming was a celebration of the newly relaunched and renamed satirical newsblog known as Slap the Penguin.
There were revelations about facebook which we highlighted on Wednesday 28th, warning people that the world's most popular social platform could become a fee based service. Scary thoughts for the 85% of Americans that use it.
The final story of the week from 1 year ago was from Thursday 29th, and was one of those excellent Dear Tina posts. A reader was concerned that she was too large to wear a sexy halloween costume. As usual Tina was able to put her fears to rest with some awesome advice.
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You don't need to wait for me to hold your hand, just go ahead and catch up with all those stories you missed. You might even like some of them enough to tell a friend or use the like or +1 buttons.


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