Sunday, September 16, 2012

American Idol - Minaj a Trois

Finally the producers of American Idol, have announced the third and final new judge for the upcoming season 12. A huge talent void was left after the untimely departure of J-Lo and Stephen Tyler after just 2 seasons at the judge's table (this is not the first time talent void has been used in the same paragraph as American Idol).
Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban - American Idol Judges
AI are covering all their musical bases including country, R&B and freak
We were there with the news when Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were announced as the new judges back in September 2010, and we are here now that it has been confirmed that Nicki Minaj will indeed be the third new judge alongside Keith Urban and Mariah Carey. Slap the Penguin, among others, are concerned that her lack of experience in the music industry indicates that her presence on the show seems to be a purely superficial effort to expand the show's audience.

Considering that the competition (X-Idol judge, Simon Cowell's X-Factor) pulled a coup by luring Britney Spears to their panel of judges, Idol had to do something extreme to regain all of that media attention. 

Britney Spears on the X-Factor
Britney Spears on the X-Factor
So far there have been some mixed reactions to the announcement that Nicki Minaj will be diluting the judging abilities on American Idol. Only time will tell whether this is a shrewd move or showbiz suicide by Idol producers, but viewing figures are trending downwards for the show as it fast approaches it's teen years.

It's times like these that we turn to our guest entertainment correspondent, Honey Badger.

Nicki Minaj inset on a picture of Honey Badger, not caring
Honey Badger doesn't care. He don't give a shit.
She does look kind of freaky, but Honey Badger can take her.

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