Friday, September 28, 2012

Guest Post - Morgan David talks wine

Occasionally we like to share our stage with other writers who we feel have something interesting to say, and today I am thrilled to introduce a local wine expert, Morgan David, who is going to discuss all things wine.
Morgan David toasting with a glass of wine
Morgan David - self proclaimed wine expert
Hi everyone, thanks for reading my first venture into blogging. And thanks to Ian and the Slap the Penguin people for letting me share my passion with their readers.

The first thing people ask me when they discover that I am a wine expert is "How do you become a wine expert?" The short answer is, I enjoy wine. The long answer is, I enjoy wine - regularly. Joking aside, anybody can become a wine expert, and enjoying wine is a large part of it. There is an abundance of reading out there which is even more accessible thanks to the internet.

You are not going to become an expert like me overnight, my palette took years to develop but you can still get some enjoyment from wine.  Just remember the 5 S's;
  1. Swirl, move the wine around the glass to get the aromas and flavors moving
  2. Smell, put the glass to your nose and sniff the aromas
  3. Sip, put a little wine in your mouth 
  4. Savor, think about the flavors you are tasting
  5. Swallow, the final step in enjoying wine (or Spit if tasting many wines) 
Another question people ask me is what do you buy a wine snob for Christmas? My answer is to get a them a functional and decorative decanter. Anyone who is serious about enjoying good red wine needs a decanter. The purpose of a decanter is to get the wine in contact with the air. This brings out the flavor and aroma in a wine and allows the wine to breathe. Prices can range from $20 to many hundreds of dollars.

If you have any wine related questions then send them to or use the comments section below.

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Rum-Punch Drunk said...

Seems like I'm on the right track already as I learned over the years to do 5 S's from wine-tasting. How could anyone even think about spitting it all out. What a waste. You just stop when you've had enough :)

In all seriousness, it's actually amazing when you take your time and seek out those different flavours. I never use tho think about it before, but it's more enjoyable now. White wines are my favourites. And I have a nice decanter too at just the right price. I'm not a fan of red wine, as for some odd reason they usually taste the same to me but there a couple that are truly nice after you've let them breathe a little.

Looking forward to hearing from you again mate. I love wine, and wine loves me.

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