Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beyond Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style by PSY has become a global viral hit thanks to YouTube and 221 million curious viewers, who have elevated the South Korean 'celebrity' to universal mega-stardom, and special guest slots on important cultural television shows like Today, SNL and Ellen.
PSY on American TV
PSY on Ellen, SNL and The Today Show

It took PSY a few attempts to find the right STYLE to suit the music, and here are some of his previous attempts at virality.
Psy's face on a model in a pink gingham dress
Gingham Style

PSY - Hangman Style
Hangman Style
Then PSY went looking to get the older crowd on board with his music with:

PSY - Grandma Style
Grandma Style
And this one was a compete failure:

PSY - Gangbang Style
Gangbang Style
There are people out there who claim that South Korean PSY stole his ideas and based everything about Gangnam Style on the following style from North Korea:

KJI - PyongYang Style
KJI - PyongYang Style
There you have it. For those who not yet seen the video, I dare you to NOT go find it on YouTube. Don't become a statistic

Please share your thoughts and opinions about PSY, Gangnam Style or Internet Virality in general in the comments section below. I can't believe I am the only person who refuses to worship these false gods...

Advice on adding some Gangnam Style to your Halloween

EDIT: Tina, you forgot the most important style:
STP - Penguin Style
STP - Penguin Style


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Teddy Wang said...

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