Sunday, August 26, 2012

8 Bit News - Dirty Harry

Wow, it feels good to be back, and just in time for a new piece of 8 Bit News, where we can focus on the story at hand without being distracted by the glossy hi-resolution images. This week we challenge the advertising tagline, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"

A modified Welcome to Las Vegas sign with Prince Harry's standard
By Royal Appointment to HRH Prince Harry
Prince Harry is 3rd in line to the British throne, after his father, Prince Charles and brother, Prince William. This basically means that he will probably never take the throne, and has absolutely nothing to lose by being the "Playboy Prince", just as his uncle Andrew did decades ago.

27 year old Harry was photographed romping naked in a Las Vegas hotel suite last weekend. Reports suggest that he was partying with 15 bikini clad girls at a bachelorette party.

The fun and games started with a friendly game of "strip billiards" which set the tone for the entire party.

A pixelated image of Prince Harry's head superimposed on a naked male body
8 Bit News - Dirty Harry naked in Vegas
The British media exploded with excitement, but were faced with a gag order preventing them from publishing any of the leaked images, however the restrictions were not valid outside of the UK and many foreign newspapers and websites have already published the images of the Party Prince.

So far "The Palace" have not commented on the photos, possibly hoping that the incident will blow over without causing too much damage to Harry's good name.

So, not everything that happens in Vegas remains behind after you leave. Share your "Stays in Vegas" story in the comments section?

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