Monday, October 17, 2011

What got slapped 12 months ago

Now that Slap the Penguin (formally My Twist News) is well into it's second year, we figured we would reminisce about old times by looking at what was happening on our site 12 months ago. Also it saves us having to do any serious writing, we just recycle old stories, just like the daytime soaps. So here is our version of a Days Of Our Lives dream sequence.

The posts from this time last year can be found here. Some of the pictures are still down because of the domain change and piss poor back-up schedules, but we are working hard on getting them back up.

My number one choice from one year ago is 'Elvis vs Michael Jackson' but this mainly visual story was missing way too many pictures to make sense so my second choice is Ford accused of stealing names and designs.

Remember this? No? So click the picture to read the story
We hope you enjoy delving into our past, and if you find any skeletons please leave them where they are.

If you have a particular favorite, leave a comment and share it with everyone.

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