Friday, October 22, 2010

Ford accused of stealing names and designs

Ford Motor Company is currently under intense scrutiny after suggestions that they have stolen design concepts and even product names for their vehicles.

fraud badge

The issue revolves primarily around the alleged theft of the name FUSION, a trademark owned by Proctor & Gamble and used for the Gillette brand of razors. This may have gone mostly unoticed if Ford had not compounded the issue by stealing design traits from the Gillette razor.

Fusion vs Fusion
Top left: Gillette Fusion - Main Image: Ford Fusion
The obvious similarity is where Ford have blatently used the visual concept of the Gillette Fusion blades on the front grille of the Ford Fusion. In an attempt to mask the infringement they use only 3 blades on the grille and not 5 as on the razor, hoping that people would not make the correlation, since 3-blade razors are old news (unless you shop in a dollar store).

We have also learned that Energizer Holdings have started a motion regarding Ford's use of the brand name EDGE, claiming that they stole it from their shave gel brand.

The German shaving giant, Braun is adding it's muscle, with a formal complaint about Ford's FLEX, a term first used by Braun for their range of electric shavers.

Ford Fail

I would bet that there is not a single facial hair in the Ford design crew considering the large number of shaving references with their vehicles.

Watch out for the 2012 Ford range including the BIC, the NORELCO and for the ladies, the FORD VENUS.


Agit8r said...

Pretty clever, i dare say...

stubble-free UK said...

How come Wikileaks didn't pick this up?

Michelle said...

Sounds like someone has a fetish at Ford. Maybe the brazilian will be next.

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