Sunday, October 30, 2011

New CD releases November 1st 2011

Happy November everyone. This week we have an exciting list of new releases, again covering a range of styles, so sit back, relax and enjoy.
As usual, clicking the image next to the review will take you the the relevant webpage for track listings and samples.

Susan Boyle - Someone To Watch Over Me
I trust you all remember Susan 'Gargoyle' Boyle from Britain's Got Talent from April 2009. Sure you do, it was the only time Simon Cowell was stuck for words. Anyway, her new CD is available and is a 10 track compendium of covers. She tackles tunes which were originally recorded by bands like The Righteous Brothers, Tears for Fears and Depeche Mode. This was a tough CD to listen to, even though Susan has a beautiful voice, she is limited to a pseudo-operatic style which does not translate well to all the songs. You may as well give Metallica sheet music to the San Fransisco Symphony Orchestra.

Miranda Lambert - Four The Record
Just a matter of days before Miranda reaches her 28th birthday, she releases this imaginatively titled fourth album. The same level of creativity is exhibited in the music on all 14 tracks of this piss-poor effort. We know Miranda Lambert has a voice, she won Nashville Star back in 2003. She belted out 'Gunpowder and Lead' back in the day. WTF is this Miranda? This CD is so gay I thought I was listening to Adam Lambert.

Justin Bieber - Under The Mistletoe
It's just not Christmas without Justin Bieber singing 11 crappy carols. From Fa La La ing with Boyz II Men to being Busta Rhymes' Drummer Boy and Roasting Usher's chestnuts on an open fire, Bieber shows us his festive side, even dueting with Mariah Carey on All I Want For Christmas, allowing her to perpetuate her fantasy that she is still a teenager. Ultimately, this CD is not as bad as it could have been. EXCEPT for the cover art. Why not put the cheeky Canadian into an elf outfit and have him give a cheeky wink at the camera instead of snapping a paparazzi pic of him sneaking out of underage Selena Gomez's hotel room.

Tyrese - Open Invitation
Not only is Tyrese Gibson an action movie star and a model, but he is also a recording artist. Actually that is where he started over 10 years ago. For someone who stars in hard hitting action roles he surely does have a wussy side when it comes to his music. You would expect the '2 Fast 2 Furious' star to be pumping out some hard and heavy tunes about slapping bitches, but not this time. Is there an acting equivalent to 'autotune'? Something that would help bad actors look better in post production.

Florence + The Machine - Ceremonials
Florence is singer, Florence Welch, + The Machine is whoever is performing the music behind her. The English Enya sounds like an etherial Adele with a little harp and strings added. Ceremonials is 16 tracks of easy listening with an English accent. She is not as popular as pavement chaser, Adele, but is following in her footsteps and this CD could be her breakthrough into the media mainstream.

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