Sunday, October 2, 2011

Russell Banned

Russell Brand's passport has another red 'X' in it after he was denied access to Canada this weekend. The 36 year old scruffbag was forced to cancel a live performance since Canadian immigration officials would not let him enter the country.
Russell's Canadian Vacation - Ruined
Waiting at Canadian customs with Katy's sunglasses
The Canadian authorities have so far declined to share their reasons for denying Mr Brand access to their country, although popular belief is that it is because of his criminal history including the use of illegal drugs. The same reason that he was denied access to Japan back in May to join his wife, Katy Perry, on her music tour. [STORY]
Russell used the power of Twitter to express his displeasure and alert his fans to the situation. His recent Twistory can be seen here.
rustyrockets must have been a childhood nickname
rustyrockets' recent twistory
According to the current count, there are still 194 countries which have not yet banned Russell Brand from their soil, however, there are rumours that the Vatican City (an independant country in it's own right) has issued orders to the Swiss Guard to shoot on sight should he attempt to cross their borders.
Two strikes in Russell Brand's passport
One more strike, Russell, and you're out

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