Sunday, October 16, 2011

New CD releases October 18th 2011

Another week, another weak selection of new releases. I was all set to create a list of the greatest CDs from 20 years ago, including Nirvana's Nevermind, Pop Will Eat Itself's Cure for Sanity and Doubt by Jesus Jones, but I forced myself to sit and listen and drink beer and write. Then I plugged myself into and clicked on '1991 Radio' to sterilize my ears.

Sting - Best of 25 Years
The irony of starting with a greatest hits CD spanning the era which I was nearly forced to write about is not lost on me. Gordon 'Sting' Sumner shares with us 12 remastered songs (including 3 live tracks) from his self indulgent career. Many people believe that the ex-teacher was nick-named Sting because of his penchant for wearing a black and yellow striped sweater, which made him look like a bee and not because he was a fan of Sting, the wrestler.

Casting Crowns - Come To The Well
The fact that we are highlighting Christian Rock shows how lame this week's selection was. These guys have been recording for 8 years and have already amassed 4.5 million album sales and a Grammy. This is still easy rock by the numbers with a large sprinkling of praise and worship. This will not appeal to everybody, but if you want to get in with that girl who just got back from bible camp then this could be a good CD to leave lying around.

Dave Koz - Ultimate Christmas
I don't know about the rest of you, but nothing says Christmas to me like smooth jazz saxophone, and thankfully Dave Koz has made sure that this year I won't have to listen to Mariah Carey or The Chipmunks to get my festive fix.
The ultra smooth jazz master, Kenny G once said about Dave Koz, "Who?"

Montgomery Gentry - Rebels on the Run
Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry have been partners since brother, John Michael Montgomery quit the band to pursue a solo career. And when I say partners I am talking totally 100% in the musical sense. These are couple of good old country boys with a guitar and a message about how good simple country living is.

M83 - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming
M83 were named after the year they continue to live in. This whole (double) CD smells of the poofed up, perfumed 80's. They could have called themselves 'The Human Flock of Manoeuvres in the Dark' and given everyone fair warning before buying this CD. I just read that M83 is a Frenchman (Anthony Gonzalez) who lives in LA and this is his 6th release. This is for people who sing along with 'I Melt with You' by Modern English.

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