Sunday, October 23, 2011

Harold Camping responsible for Turkish earthquake

Once again, just a matter of days after Harold Camping's prediction for the end of the world, a localized natural disaster strikes. This time the target for the mini-rapture was Eastern Turkey which was hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

Turkish Earthquake coutesy of Harold Camping
Thanks Harold, we needed saving from our sins
Camping's previous rapture prediction was for May 21st 2011, which caused the Icelandic volcanic eruption near Grimsvotn, and now his October 21st date seems eerily close to this latest natural event.

Scientists estimate that this quake could kill 1,000 people which is considerably more than the 3 seagulls and a rabbit which died as a result of the volcanic eruption 5 months ago.

The media world had already denounced Camping's false prophecies and labeled him a heretic after what appeared to be a second false alarm, but it seems that we must start taking him seriously.
Harold Camping predicts the big one for February 5th 2012
Next Rapture - February 5th, after the Superbowl
We spoke with a representative for Harold Camping this morning and he told us that the next Rapture will be the big one. It will happen on February 5th and will come after the Superbowl. He also predicts that the Vikings will win their first Superbowl on that day, beating the Colts, 48-47.

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Janene said...

And I just thought he was trying to get out of raking leaves this time. What's happening February 5th? Does he have to got to his great granddaughter's dance recital or something?

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