Friday, October 14, 2011

Esquire change their mind

Performing a 180 the magnitude of which has not been seen since Netflix changed their mind about Qwikster, Esquire magazine have updated the result of the Sexiest Woman Alive 2011 contest.

Rihanna - you just aint that sexy
Rihanna Rejected
Reacting to the backlash from 100 of male readers and our own Tina Cruris who posted on the topic just yesterday, Esquire magazine have announced that the new 2011 SWA is to be Katrina Bowden.

Like you, I have no idea who she is, but to save you the trouble I g**gled it and found that she is a TV actress who is best known (?) as Cerie Xerox on 30 Rock.

Katrina Bowden wearing strange 70's panties
Katrina Bowden - SWA 2011
Well she is cute but has terrible taste in underwear. However, she still does not have the Va-Va-Voom required to be Sexiest Woman Alive. Possibly sexy enough to be Sexiest Woman Drinking Coffee in Frilly Panties, but definately way hotter than Rihanna.

Katrina Bowden - Part time lumberjack
"I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK"
Definately an improvement in the underwear department, and almost as sexy as Michael Palin in a lumberjack shirt.
Michael Palin - Esquire SWA 1969
Michael Palin looking rugged.. or is it brawny?
Michael Palin or Katrina Bowden - either way it looks fine
Is this Michael or Katrina? Tough to tell from this angle
Do you think Esquire were right to drop Rihanna? Do you think Katrina Bowden is a worthy winner? Can you believe that Michael Palin's ass could look that good? Tell us what you think in this awesome poll.

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