Friday, July 23, 2010

OMG? more like WTF?

Does anyone remember the furore about Macaulay Culkin hanging out with Michael Jackson and the tabloid interest it sparked?  Well Macaulay denied that any inappropriate activities took place, and I am inclined to believe him. After all it is perfectly normal for black music stars to hang around with white, teenage kids. 
Usher Loves Photoshop
Usher loves the magic of Photoshop

Has anyone heard the latest song from Usher? Dude you need to go back to your beginnings, you are about as Gangsta as an egg sandwich. You have a great voice, Usher, don't waste it on the throw away drivel you feel compelled to churn out just because everyone else is doing it. There is a lot of musical crap out there, and you just need to rise up and float on top of it.

Many people like and respect Usher's music and I trawled the interweb to find quotes, and here are some of the best.
posted by dee deepierite "hey usher i just truly love you and all your music i don`t have a fav. because they are all my fav. keep up the good work.luv u usher"
posted by MZ.FOXY "usher i love you and oyur songs i realy love spotlight yah keep it up love u"
posted by S. Palin "I can see Usher from my house"
What would Usher have done if Justin Bieber's original youtube post was a 'To Catch a Predator' sting?

"Hey little boy, I love your music...let's meet up and I can get you a record deal. OMG, Chris Hansen, no honestly I am a singer and producer. I thought Predator was an Arnie movie. No I haven't been to Neverland"

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