Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dear Tina - Sexy halloween costumes for the larger lady

Dear Tina, I am a larger lady and I get so jealous of those younger, thinner girls slutting it up in their miniscule halloween outfits and getting all the attention at the parties.
Do you have any costume suggestions for a fuller figured female to get some attention without looking like a hippo that was squeezed into a leatherette corset?
Please help, BBW.

Thanks for your letter BBW. First let me just say I agree with your observation about those skinny chicks slutting about in next to nothing. I live in the Northern Midwest and the end of October can bring freezing temperatures and even snow, but that does not stop Little Red Riding Whore from going to a party in a teeny red cape that barely covers her teeny red lingerie.
My, what big eyes you have
Dressed for a Minnesota Winter?

The larger woman would not readily be able to get away with such a revealing outfit, so the challenge is to look sexy without scaring away any potential beau. I would suggest that you work to your strengths and maximize your assets, while moving attention away from areas you are not comfortable with.

I saw the picture you attached, and as promised I will not post it publicly, but looking at your figure I have found a possible outfit for you on

Wait a moment, take a closer look at that fuller figure pirate. It's Mildred (the maid) Baena who gave birth to Arnie's lovechild. I guess now that the affair is old news, she has to pay the bills any way that she can.

If you need advice on absolutely anything then email me -

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