Monday, May 9, 2011

Austrian swimmer gets stuck at the beach

The Austrian national swim team almost lost a member of it's Olympic team during a crazy beach incident.
Jakub Maly - Swimmer and Ditch Digger
Jakub Maly - Austrian Swimmer and potential Darwin Award Winner

Nineteen year old Jakub Maly spent hours digging a hole in the sand at Pompano Beach in Miami. Then just to be funny he jumped into the 7 foot deep ditch and the sand hole started to collapse around him burying him alive.

60 onlookers helped to dig the idiot Olympic hopeful to safety. He was in danger of having his internal organs crushed by the weight of the sand or choking on the sand as it covered his nose and mouth.
Austria - not actual size
Austria has Europe's smallest Navy
Considering that Austria is a landlocked, mountainous country we are guessing that most of his swimming experience comes from doing laps in his local pool and has not spent much time at the beach or swimming in the sea.

Last year Jakub's younger brother, Ulrich, found himself in a similar situation after diving head first into a snow bank in Vienna.

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