Sunday, July 1, 2012

July Caption Contest

A new month means a new picture and hopefully a new funny caption. I have done my part, now it is up to you to add your unique brand of humor to an otherwise ordinary image.

The winner of the June contest can be seen at the bottom of this post.
Your caption could be in this space

There, just use the comments section to type the first funny thing that jumps into your head and maybe you could be declared the winner once July is over.

On the topic of winners, here is the result of June's caption contest

guess who's hiding the figgy pudding? - Kris Landt
Congratulations to Kris Landt. To see the other entries visit the original post.


Anonymous said...

This is the breast game ever.

L33T xb0x m1k3 said...

Whoa Dude, I so pwned your bwbs

Agit8r said...

It's all good until she shows you her joystick

agit8r's biggest fan said...

OMG that's way too funny.

Tinkerbell said...

Good grief! I feel a right tit now.

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