Monday, July 23, 2012

Top Olympic athletes harassed by gold buyers

You may have seen the commercials telling you that gold prices are at an all time high, and now is the time to sell that old unwanted jewelry. There are even gold buying stores popping up in malls across the country, offering to pay top dollar for unwanted gold, silver or platinum trinkets.
Graph displaying gold prices increasing
"Gold prices are at an all time high"
We are now hearing that the competition to buy gold is getting so heated that some gold buying businesses are approaching top Olympic athletes, asking them to sell their gold medals, before the games have even started and any medals have been awarded.

A top US Olympian told us anonymously, "I have had texts and emails asking me to sell my gold medals and to commit to selling any medals that I win in London. They even offered me 20% above the listed value if I referred a fellow athlete to sell too."

She continued, "We are already under enough pressure with the eyes of the world upon us, without the gold guys getting on our case. I am flattered that they are confident in my abilities to win another gold, but this kind of in your face business is not appreciated."

To date we have had reports that 17 US athletes have been approached to sell medals that have yet to be won.

2012 Olympic Medal Table - Offers to buy

As you can see above, the Chinese contingent have received the most offers so far with 19, with the US team within striking distance at 17. Suprisingly, the French are 3rd, however we attribute this to their low moral standing rather than their Olympic prowess and potential medal winning ability. The host nation, Great Britain, are yet to be approached to sell their medals, probably because they never win any except those silly horse trotting events.


Helena Fortissima said...

How bizarre! Why would any athlete want to sell his/her gold medal? I guess there must be a precedent...

Alexa Rankin - Slap the Penguin said...

I agree, the value of an Olympic Gold medal surely is greater than the intrinsic value of the materials from which it is created.
The fact that it proves you are the best in the world at something is worth more than money.
And these gold buyers want to melt it down for a profit? It's insane.

Ryan Lochte said...

I wonder if anybody asked Michael Phelps to sell his 2012 gold medals?
Probably not......

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