Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The 2012 Special Forces Olympics

Everybody (almost everybody) knows that the 2012 Olympics will be happening this year in London, England. After the Olympics comes the Special Olympics, but did you know that also in 2012, London will be hosting the inaugural Special Forces Olympics.
The inaugural Special Forces Olympics
This is the ultimate decider for which country has the best special forces. These games will finally answer the question of US Navy Seals vs British SAS, or French COS vs Russian Spetsnaz. Maybe the Chinese Snow Leopards will snatch a bunch of medals, or it could be some super secret Middle Eastern special forces unit that we have never heard of before that tops the table.
Norweigan SF Sgt. Liten Busk, Gold Medal favorite for the camouflage event
There are many events to look forward to, all revolving around Special Forces incursion/extraction training. There is one discipline which covers more than half of the available medals, and that is shooting.
When you need to shoot your way out of a tough Situation
From small guns to big guns, from stationary to moving targets. From sniping to RPGing there are many different medals to win for killing. Unfortunately for the US Navy Seals, there are no Olympic medals available for shooting yourself in the head (2nd headline).

I would have saved money on the Segway and bought a bigger gun
There will also be a few demonstration 'sports' such as Synchronized Segwaying, popular with Chinese troops and Point Blank Cat Killing, favored by the Australian Feline Supression Squad.

"Get down on the ground or we WILL open fire"
You can keep in touch with the latest news from the Special Forces Olympics through our website. Daily updates will be available here from August 19th, starting with the opening ceremony.


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