Thursday, October 13, 2011

WTF? - Rihanna, sexiest woman alive?

Esquire magazine's November edition celebrates the Sexiest Woman Alive and for some crazy reason which nobody can figure out they decided that for 2011 it would be Rihanna.

Rihanna wearing nothing but some seaweed
Seriously? What is sexy about this?
I can think of 2 dozen women, right off the top of my head who have more sex appeal than Rihanna. Don't get me wrong, Rihanna is by no stretch a dog, but neither is she the Sexiest Woman Alive. And, this is most definately not the most flattering photoshoot alive. The 'non-revealing nude' thing has been done a million times before and although it can be a series of sexy suggestive poses, the whole seaweed thing detracts from the sexiness.

An ad for famine relief?
She looks either malformed or malnourished
Truly sexy women smoulder at you from the page. Their eyes penetrate your very soul and put carnal ideas in your mind. Rihanna does not do this. Take a look at Esquire's choice for 2009 Sexiest woman alive, Kate Beckinsale.

Kate Beckinsale  SWA 2009
Kate Beckinsale - 2009 SWA
She is wearing considerably more than Rihanna and still looking infinitely sexier.

Halle Berry SWA 2008
Halle Berry - 2008 SWA
Halle Berry out-sexys Rihanna while wearing a white top and some frilly undies.

I don't know if Esquire magazine have a new editor, or if they are looking to capture a brand new demographic of readers, but they are way off target with their 2011 choice of Sexiest Woman Alive. Maybe if the edition was Sexiest Woman Almost Beaten to Death by Chris Brown then their choice would be more acceptable.

We want to know what YOU think. Please use the comment section below to let us know who your choice for SWA 11 would have been.

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Anonymous said...

I think Esquire made a good choice in naming Rihanna Sexiest woman. After all she's everywhere!

And I subscribe to the magazine and I'm still drooling over the cover photo. :)

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