Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sarah Palin - 2012

The Mayan calendar predicts a world ending disaster will happen in 2012. Sarah Palin was quoted earlier this month saying that she would run for President of the United States of America in 2012 “if nobody else wants to do it”.

You are not offering to babysit next Saturday “if nobody else want's to do it”
You are not offering to switch a shift with a work colleague “if nobody else want's to do it”
You are not offering to host a tea party “if nobody else want's to do it”
This is the Presidency of the most powerful country in North America.

How can you be so flippant about 4 years in the White House? Do you understand what the job of President entails? It is not just choosing curtains and then sitting in the oval office throwing tax-payer's money at things, hoping that they will be magically fixed.

Sarah Palin finds some curtain material
I found some curtain material

It's crazy, but part of me actually want's her to run for the position, purely because I have a big crush on Tina Fey and I would love to see her back on SNL lampooning Sarah Palin. The other part of me doesn't want her to run. The nation is already suffering buyer's remorse from 2008 and we don't need another dose.
Sarah Palin (L) and Tina Fey (R)
Similar - but only one gets my vote ^^^

I wonder how she will find time to run the country while bouncing around Alaska on her new TV show on TLC (its a 3rd string lifestyle channel owned by the Discovery network). When people told Palin she needs a dose of reality, I don't think Sarah Palin's Alaska is what they had in mind.

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