Monday, October 18, 2010

WTF? - Brett Favre's Green Bay Pecker

I decided to wait a while before posting my thoughts about the whole Brett Favre situation. By situation I mean his lacklustre performance so far this season for the Vikings, his constant battle with old age injury and the lewd text messages including images of his penis, allegedly sent to Jenn Sterger.
Favre photo montage
A cool photo montage to graphically represent the story highlights.
(note - it's a comedically shaped vegetable, not a real penis)
"Why would you wait, Jack?"

Thanks for asking, I waited to see if Favre was playing on Sunday and whether the Vikings would win against the Cowboys. He did and they did, just.

lewd text message
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What exactly is to blame for Favre's poor performance on the field this year? The NFL are investigating the allegations of 'sexting' and that has to weigh heavily on the mind of the past it veteran quarterback as well as his team mates. The whole lewd text message incident occured 2 seasons ago while Brett was wearing a Jets jersey, however there are rumours that he has done similar things since.

We have received an image of a text message sent to Vikings cheerleader, Tamara Lincoln from someone known as 'Big Brett', making suggestive comments about a purple helmet.

Could we be on the verge of another Tiger Woods sex scandal? I don't think so. Brett just needs to keep it in his Wranglers and focus on keeping his spot as the starting Vikings QB.


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