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What got slapped 12 months ago - March 2014

By +Tina Cruris

March is upon us already and here I am to recap the penguin slapping antics of yesteryear. Every month I guide our readers down memory lane, to a time when we did this job for love, and not just because we are contractually obliged to.

The concept of a reslap is simple, I highlight the top 5 stories from March 2014 for you to revisit at your convenience, so that you can contrast our current comedy stylings with that of 12 months ago and see how things have changed since last year. If you are feeling bored bold, you can check out the archives and dig even deeper into our history, but be warned, we were even funnier back then.

March 2014 Reslap Montage
March 2014 Reslap Montage
Greek yogurt makers Dannon targeted their Oikos brand at larger women in a round of commercials. The resident commercial spokesman, John Stamos, was totally caught by surprise with he new twist and nearly quit.

There are few people in the 1st world who don't know The Doors song Light My Fire, but we have 10 facts which you may may not know about the song.

WWF boss Vince McMahon was trying to put out the fires in the lead up to Wrestlemania 30. Find out if he manage to put things right by clicking the headline.

The MH370 crash is still not fully resolved due to delays locating the black box, which was was caused by not being able to locate the plane. We examine one possible cause of the plane going down.

Geeks and mathematicians around the globe have celebrated Pi Day on 3/14 ever sine the days of Pythagoras. If you want to know why, you have to follow the link.

There were more posts from 12 months, but they all sucked. If you really wan to know more then click here. If you liked what you read then let us know in the comments section below. Share your favorite posts with us so that we can try to do more of the same.

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