Sunday, March 22, 2015

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By +Ian C

For those of you who don't already follow our Facebook page, you are missing out on so much. Not only do you get a notification when STP is updated, you can also get access to cool extra stuff that we don't post on the main site.

Like the Penguin
Like the Penguin
Our goal is to get to 100 likes before April 1st, and you can help us achieve that goal. As an incentive, we promise to increase funding for schools, lower taxes, guarantee jobs for those who want them and cure every major illness known to mankind*. Just click here to find our Facebook page.

You can also find us using our Twitter handle @slapthepenguin for those who prefer the little blue bird.
Follow our Twats on Twitter
Follow our Twats on Twitter
</shameless self promotion>

*STP cannot be held responsible for not delivering on any or all of these promises where circumstances dictate otherwise.

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