Saturday, March 14, 2015

The ultimate Pi Day

By +Ian C

Today is March 14th and this is the ultimate Pi Day, at least in our lifetime. Pi Day is a math phenomenon celebrated by geeks across the United States (it only works in the US and we will get into that shortly). The date 3/14/15 reflects the first few digits of the irrational constant Pi (π) which are 3.14159265359.

What is more American than Cherry Pi?
Nothing is more American than Cherry Pi
As Brad pointed out last year in his Pi Day post, only America and Japan use the M/D/Y format for dates, so this only works in those two countries, and the Japanese have more important things to waste their time with than silly number games.

Today is the best example of a Pi Day since March 14th 1592 written as 3/14/1592 and we won't ever see that date again, so join us at 9:26:53 am for the fleeting moment when we have a perfect Pi moment.

Over the years, social media has introduced Pi Day to non-nerds around the globe, and they have joined the celebrations by baking Pi Day pies and having Pi Day parties. This year, the ultimate Pi Day has generated an enormous amount of interest almost making math skills and nerdism socially acceptable for a short period of time.

Everybody is trying to get in on Pi Day, even 80's icon Tom Selleck has started tweeting some photoshopped images of himself to cash in on the event.

Magnum π
Magnum P.I.
Also, happy birthday to Albert Einstein who was born on this day in 1879. Albert Einstein has nothing to do with Pi, but he was good at math and physics,, which makes him kind of nerdy.

What are your plans for Pi Day? Share below by leaving us a comment, or sending us some pictures of the excitement.

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