Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Greek yogurt aimed at larger women

By +Alexa Rankin

French yogurt giant Dannon (Danone outside the USA) is now marketing it's Greek yogurt at a larger audience. And by larger audience I don't mean more people, I mean bigger people. Dannon are pushing the healthier aspect of Greek yogurt and suggesting that fat people should replace one meal a day with a single serving of Greek yogurt.

Oinkos Greek Yogurt sounds like Oikos Greek Yogurt
Oinkos, για το λίπος των χοίρων
Is Greek yogurt really going to help me get slimmer? Providing you are eating the fat free version of Greek yogurt, then it can help, but you must lay off the cheeseburgers for it to have any effect.

How does it taste compared to regular yogurt? Greek yogurt is thicker and less sweet then regular yogurt and can take a little getting used to. Some of you may find it a little tough to swallow at first.

What serving suggestions do you have? Greek yogurt with breakfast is heavenly. Just add a dollop to whatever you are eating tomorrow morning. So long as it's not bacon and eggs cos that would be gross.

Not everybody is happy about the new marketing plan, especially the soon to be ex-Dannon spokesperson John Stamos. His contract stated that he was to smolder into the screen accompanied by reasonably attractive soccer moms who have a thing for John Stamos. With the new target audience, Dannon have changed their focus and Stamos is not happy being molested by a crazy larger lady.

John Stamos looking uncomfortable
"This is a yogurt commercial. Why do your fingers taste like bacon?"
What do you think about Greek yogurt? Have you tried it? Did you like it? Let us know...

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