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Top 10 facts about Light My Fire

By +Alexa Rankin

During a drug fueled recording session in August 1966 the four young men known as The Doors decided to put the finishing touches on guitarist Robby Krieger's partly written song, 'Light My Fire' and as a result created the band's most recognizable hit.

The Doors - The Doors
The Doors - The Doors
Light my fire was originally supposed to be about 3 minutes long, but Jim Morrison stepped out to 'use the bathroom' (or was it to light one up?) so Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger ad-libbed the 4½ minute instrumental making the song almost 7 minutes long.

The length of 'Light My Fire' inspired Paul McCartney of The Beatles to extend the song 'Hey Jude' by adding a bunch of Na-Na's to the end of it making the track 7:11 minutes

Not to be outdone, a studio technician re-mastered 'Light My Fire' without the band's permission, slowing down the original version of the song by 3.5% making it 7:13 minutes.

BBC radio in the UK refused to play the song for 2 reasons. The line "Girl we couldn't get much higher" had obvious drug connotations, but more importantly, it was too damn long. A single version was released at 2:52 with the instrumental part cut out, but the drug reference remained.

The 1969 movie 'The Italian Job' is famous for the Michael Caine quote and subsequent bad joke punchline, "You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off".

If Jose Feliciano had not covered 'Light My Fire' in 1968 and made it to #3 in the charts, then he would have returned to his Puerto Rican home and not recorded 'Feliz Navidad' in 1970. 'Feliz Navidad' to this day remains the #1 most hated Christmas song of all time, yet I can't help singing along with it.

Fleece Navydad sounds like Feliz Navidad

The website has absolutely nothing to do with The Doors and everything to do with Swedish camping equipment, including fire-starters and multicolored sporks.

It is rumored that egomaniac singer, Jim Morrison hated this song because it was The Doors' most popular hit and he had very little input in the writing or arrangement of it. 

Mighty Rifle, File My Girth and Filthy Grime are all anagrams of 'Light My Fire'.

10 years after 'Light My Fire' took the world by storm, disco guru Dan Hartman was inspired to 'Relight My Fire' with the help of Loleatta Holloway and a 4½ minute instrumental introduction. It was no coincidence that this shockingly bad song was covered by Britain's Take That in 1993 with the help of the pixie from the 60's, Lulu.
Lulu + Lemon = Sheer Enjoyment
What are your memories of 'Light My Fire', or The Doors in general?

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