Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Royal Baby II: Heir we go again

By +Sue Casa

William and Kate have been at it again and according to the the experts the second royal baby is due in April. Just like with the build up to Prince George's birth in 2013, nobody knows (or nobody is telling) what sex the little bundle of joy is; and the bookies are loving it. They are making millions of pounds from people betting on everything from birth date, weight, sex and even color of the unborn heir. 

Pregnant Kate
Male or Female? Place your bets.
(Not Kate, the baby)
Currently, Elizabeth is the favorite name at 5/1 with Charlotte 2nd at 6/1 and Tina's choice for Prince George's name, Alice, is 3rd at 14/1. Even though the leading names favor a girl, the odds of boy vs girl are both pretty close to evens, so probably not worth a wager.

The big surprise in the betting, which has shortened the odds with many bookies and even caused some to close the book, is the 'twins' bet. A sudden spate of large bets from new online customers caused panic amongst the big boys. William Hill, the UK's largest bookmaker, closed the book on twins betting after slashing odds from 20/1 to 9/1.

With anomalies like that it would suggest that information has leaked about the pregnancy, or a bunch of gullible people with too much money read a twitter post and thought they could make some fast cash. Either way, you can't place a bet on Kate birthing twins any longer, unless you want to take the 50,000/1 odds on conjoined (Siamese) twins.

Jenny and Penny B.O.G.O. Nanny Service
Jenny and Penny B.O.G.O. Nanny Service
The likelihood of twins is a major concern for the Royal Family considering their tight financial situation. The palace can barely afford another nanny for the 4th in line for the throne, but 2 more nannies for twins? A royal nanny could cost an estimated £50,000 ($75k) annually, and unless Nannies 'Я' Us are offering a BOGO deal, that cost would be double for a second nanny. 

Speculation aside, Kate will deliver in the same hospital as George was born in, and his new brother(s) and/or sister(s) will follow the same tried and tested birthing parade route, which you can see here.

The people here in the UK are not as excited over baby number 2 for Will and Kate as they were for George. The likelihood of this new child making it to the throne without a syphilis epidemic is minimal, so what is there to get excited about?

You can tell us in the comments section what there is to get excited about.

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