Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Penguin Slapped 400,000 times

By +Ian C

It seems like only 10 months ago that we celebrated our last major visitor milestone of 300,000 visits, and yet here we are again, this time blowing our 400k trumpet.

400k nest egg
1000 visits short of using this stock image
Once again we are offering a prize for anybody who manages to screen cap the proof that they are the 400,000th visitor to our website. Just email your screen capture of the visitor counter from the bottom of the sidebar to 400000@slapthepenguin.com and once we have validated your entry, we will send you a rare STP jersey.

The rare "Have you slapped it today?" jersey
The rare "Have you slapped it today?" jersey
As part of our celebrations, we would like you to let us know which of our 800+ posts is your favorite. Also, feel free to share your STP experiences with us in the comments section below.

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