Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tasmanian Triangle blamed for MH370 crash

by +Brad Naylor

Nineteen days after the take off of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 on March 8th, the Australian government have admitted that an area surrounding the island of Tasmania known as the Tasmanian Triangle may be to blame for the loss of that flight.

Tasmanian Triangle may have claimed flight MH370
The Tasmanian Triangle has claimed numerous lives to date
For decades, the Aussies have played down rumors of a Bermuda triangle like area surrounding the island of Tasmania, blaming natural causes, pilot error and even giant squid attack for previous losses of planes and boats in the area. However, considering the worldwide attention given to flight 370, Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott opened up to international journalists about the mystery of the Tasmanian Triangle.

"We have been investigating the Tasmanian Triangle and the mysterious disappearances of many boats and planes in that area for many years, but have yet to come to any conclusion as to why this sector of the Indian Ocean appears to have a higher concentration of missing transports."

Abbott continued, "While flight MH370 may have terminated within the area known as the Tasmanian Triangle, the reason for it veering so violently off course can not be attributed to this phenomenon. That is something for the flight investigators to figure out when they locate the black box."

The term Tasmanian Triangle has been around since the 1890's in Australia, but has only recently been adopted to describe the supernatural section of sea where the Malaysian plane went down. It was originally used to describe the female pubic region because of Tasmania's resemblance to the female pubic region.

The Tasmanian Triangle
Countless sailors have gone down in the Tasmanian Triangle
Nobody knows why areas like the Bermuda Triangle or the Tasmanian Triangle exist. Some people blame aliens, while others suggest freak weather conditions are at fault. Fierce sea creatures have also been mentioned a few times

What do you think is to blame for these weird triangles crashing and sinking planes and ships? Let us know below.

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