Sunday, March 2, 2014

What got slapped 12 months ago - March 2013

by +Tina Cruris

Finally we can get back on track with our reslap posts after the rather long hiatus in early 2013. The purpose of these posts is to give new readers an insight into what we were doing 12 months ago, and to give seasoned veterans a reminder of how good this site used to be.

The premise is simple, I will post a headline and a brief synopsis from one of our key stories from this time last year, and if it tantalizes you then you click the link and are instantly whisked back in time to read the full story. (Actually, you aren't really whisked back in time, but a new window will open showing you the post from our archive.)

March 2014 Reslap Montage
March 2014 Reslap Montage
Yes we took an extended leave of absence but as always we came back. This post was the announcement of our triumphant return and was totally ignored by most. Well now you all have another chance 1 year later to welcome us back.

This was the first in our wildly popular Random Penguin Fact series which has had over 1,700 visitors so far since it's inception. To see a full list of all of the facts click HERE.

We reviewed all (both) of the major news stories that we missed during our 3 months off, and added our own thoughts to the retrospective. This post includes the Mayan Apocalypse and Pope Francis.

Ian C gives a cutting review of the latest (it was then) Lames James Bond movie, Skyfall. I have read the review and I get the impression that he was not impressed. Read it for yourself and see if you agree.

Brad got into the spirit of the season and shared the true origins of Easter with us all. Why not click the header and remind yourself what Easter is all about.

Alexa thought it would be amusing to poke fun at the Minnesota Twins Baseball team by publishing a fake schedule highlighting all the games that the Twins would lose over the 2013 season. The sad fact is that it was surprisingly accurate.

Tensions in the Koreas was mounting and the US needed a show of strength to diffuse the situation as Kim Jong Un was flexing his military muscle and threatening to demonstrate his country's nuclear capability. He soon shut up when he saw what America had in store for him.

That's all I have for you. I trust you had fun laughing and reminiscing with me through the archives of March 2013. Let me know what your favorite post from 12 months ago is by sharing in the comments section below.

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