Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We're getting the band back together

Regular readers, especially the more astute of you, may have noticed that the Slap the Penguin Virtual Office has been somewhat quiet during the winter months. There are many reasons for this extended break and we are not going to share any of them with you. The official reason is hibernation.

The blues brothers plus one
We're getting the band back together
But now spring is sprung and Easter is just a bunny hop away, we are getting the band back together. More of the same old nonsense will be coming your way. The usual mix of low level toilet humor and higher frequency intellectual comedy will be wasted on the mid range minds of the masses who (used to) visit our site daily.

All the crew, Tina, Brad and Alexa are back at their virtual desks, writing posts except for Brad, who is playing "Words with Random Strangers" since he has no friends.
Words with Random Strangers
Brad's favorite social activity
For those of you who are discovering Slap the Penguin for the first time, welcome. We hope you enjoy your visit. Please share your thoughts in the comments section, good or bad. We crave any kind of feedback. We have a facebook page and a Twitter so that we can look like a semi-serious outfit. Like us, follow us, share us, just don't ignore us.

We are also on the lookout for funny people to write humorous guest posts. You can contact us about opportunities at

Finally, we have another of those exciting polls that you all love to play with.

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