Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Skyfall - Worst Bond Movie Ever

Last week, I finally caught up with the latest Bond movie, 'Skyfall'. Skyfall is the 25th James Bond movie (including the 2 non-bonds, the original spoof Casino Royale and the Thunderball remake, Never Say Never Again).
Skyfall movie poster
Daniel Craig laying down as James Bond in Skyfall
Skyfall is also 25th on the list of best Bond movies ever made. Even 1985's A View to a Kill ranked higher than Skyfall, thanks mainly to bad guy Christopher Walken, who saved that movie which would have otherwise been a tedious blur of Roger Moore, Grace Jones and a Duran Duran soundtrack.

I understand that the production crew are taking a slightly different direction with Daniel Craig's Bond. Adapting the character to fit in with current trends and popular ideals has always been the key to ensuring that Bond stays up to date and relevant.

Dumping the gadgets and giving Bond a human, fallible side allows Craig to develop a realistic character who is more in touch with the audience. A tough spy with a conscience who dispatches a bad guy not with a witty one liner but with a flicker of regret. (Booooring!!! We want laser watches and exploding pens)

Getting electrocuted in the tub
This is Daniel Craig's 3rd movie as Bond, and I had just about come to terms with the way he plays the character. Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace were pretty good movies and I would watch them again (on the cable TV Thanksgiving Bond marathon), but Skyfall should never have been a bond movie. I should have got a clue from listening to the lyrics from Adele's song, also called Skyfall.
I saw Skyfall, and it sucked balls
It was awful
I was so disappointed.
Don't watch Skyfall, It made my heart bawl
It's not fun at all
And now I want a refund.
Bad Skyfall.
If Skyfall was about a spy called John Boone, who was totally unconnected with anyone called M or Q or any other Bond reference, then the movie would have worked as an action thriller in it's own right. The story was sound and the acting was fine, it just wasn't entirely a Bondy plot.

And on the topic of Q, who the fu©k was that Q kid in the movie? Sorry, but Q is not a geek squad graduate who models himself on Doctor Who. Q is the foil for Bond's flippant side and allows some relief between action scenes. It was bad enough that John Cleese had to fill the role for a brief period after Desmond Llewelyn moved on, but this new guy is a complete tit. A British version of Big Bang Theory's Sheldon with worse hair.

Q and Sheldon, separated at birth?
Q and Sheldon, transatlantic twins?
Don't take my word for it, rent the movie from Netflix and waste 2 of your own hours.

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Mrs Linda Wishaw said...

How dare you compare Ben Wishaw's Q to that campy nerd Sheldon. I think he did an awesome job in Skyfall and I look forward to seeing him in the next bond movie with Daniel and that Voldemort guy.

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