Saturday, March 15, 2014

Malaysian plane headed to One Direction concert

By +Tina Cruris

Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 left Kuala Lumpur one week ago bound for Beijing and systematically disappeared. One by one the plane's communications and transponder were disabled as the plane took an unexpected left turn and flew across the the northern part of Malaysia. Soon after that, the plane vanished entirely. The circle represents the possible range of the 777 airplane at the last known point of contact.

Path of missing flight MH370
Actual and intended path of flight MH370
Flight MH370 touched down 12 hours later at Broome International Airport in Western Australia demanding to be refueled in order to continue it's journey to Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. Air traffic controller, Bruce Felcher was surprised to see a 777 touching down at his remote airport in Broome especially since it was a Sunday and the airport is normally closed on Sunday.

"It was lucky I was there," Bruce told us. "We don't normally open on Sundays, but I was installing Windows XP updates and I had to feed the dingo. Then this voice came over the speaker asking for permission to land and requesting a refuel. It sounded like a group of young Asian girls, so at first I thought it was one of my mates having a joke, but she explained that they were diverted from Beijing to Sydney for the One Direction concert since One Direction refused to play Malaysia on the latest tour and needed to refuel immediately."

Broome International Airport
Come to Western Australia - Miles from anywhere
"I had no idea who One Direction were, I thought they might have been a terrorist group so I alerted the authorities immediately, but since we are in the middle of nowhere, 1500 miles from civilization it took a few days for the message to get out there."

Bruce Felcher has been awarded the 'Order of the Golden Roo', Western Australia's highest civilian honor for his swift thinking and expert handling of the situation. He was also invited to attend a VIP performance by One Direction which he declined saying that his 'chooks were crook'.

The three girls responsible for the diversion, who are all under 16 and cannot be identified, have been returned to Malaysia to face charges of terrorism, kidnap and bad taste in music.

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